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Canada Citizenship: Complete Guide

Canada Citizenship is a dream that many of you, who arrived in this country as permanent residents, have seen. Taking the giant leap, moving from your home country, landing in a new land, and making your own space, you have done a lot these last few years!  The time has finally arrived for you to take the oath, get Canada Citizenship certificate and hold the Canadian passport in your hand. Canadian Citizenship would further open many doors of opportunities for you. The various benefits that you get once you become Canada’s Citizen are

You can participate
in politics
You can be dual
You need not meet any
residency obligation
You can run for
Your children will be
Canadian Citizen
You get the right
to vote
You can apply in
all jobs

Who is Eligible: Canada Citizenship Requirement

To be eligible for Canada Citizenship, you must fulfil below conditions.

  • You must be a permanent resident (PR) of Canada
  • You must meet the physical presence requirement of having lived in Canada for at least 3 out of the last 5 years (1,095 days)
  • You must have filed your taxes (if required to)
  • You must prove your language skills in English or French (18-54 yrs age)
  • You must pass a citizenship test (18-54 yrs age)
1. Permanent Resident Status

All applicants, irrespective of their age must have a Permanent Resident Status in Canada. You must NOT be

  • Be under review for immigration or fraud reasons
  • Be asked by Canadian officials to leave Canada (removal order)
  • Have unfulfilled conditions related to your PR status,
  • Cannot be inadmissible or prohibited on criminal or security ground
2. Physical Presence in Canada
You must have been physically present in Canada for 3 out of last 5 years, immediately preceding your date of signing your citizenship application. Within last five years preceding the date of your application:
  • Each day spent in Canada as a permanent resident, temporary resident, or protected person counts. Some days are considered full days, while those on temporary status as half days.
  • Days spent outside Canada as a permanent resident while employed in specific federal or provincial jobs also count.
  • Your days spent outside Canada with your Canadian spouse or common-law partner or permanent resident spouse, common-law partner, or parent working in or with the federal, province, or territory services counts
3. Income Tax Filling

You may need to meet and fulfil the income tax requirement for 3 out of the last 5 years preceding the date of your application

4. Language Skill Requirement

There are two official languages of Canada-English and French. You need to meet the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Level 4 or higher if you’re between 18-54 years of age on the day you sign your application..  

The language skills are assessed by IRCC in the one of the following ways:
  • Review the latest test results or the test results submitted during your permanent resident application.
  • The citizenship official might note of how well you can communicate in English or French during the citizenship application process or any hearing with the officials
  • You can also submit proof showing that you have attended your secondary or a post-secondary program in English or French
5. Canada Citizenship Test

If you are 18-54 years of age on the date you sign your application and meet the basic requirements listed above, you need to take the citizenship test to show your knowledge of Canada and your responsibilities and privileges as a Canadian citizen.

Test Format
  • The test is 30 minutes long
  • There will be 20 questions ( including multiple-choice or true/false questions)
  • It is available in both English and French
  • To pass, you need to get 15 correct answers
  • The test is usually written but could be oral as well
Preparing For The Test

Questions are based on the official citizenship study guide: Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. The questions are related to:

Rights and responsibilities of Canadians and Canada’s:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Economy
  • Government

Canada Citizenship for Minors

In case of minors, the application requirement depends on whether the minor is applying alone or has a Canadian parent or a parent who is applying for citizenship at the same time

Minor under 18 years of age
Eligibilty Requirement Has a Canadian parent or a parent applying for citizenship at the same time DOES Not have a Canadian parent or a parent applying for citizenship at the same time
Be a Permanent Resident Yes Yes
Physical Presence in Canada (3 out of last 5 years) No Yes
Income Tax Filing No Yes ( may require)
Language Skill Requirement No No
Citizenship Test No No

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I get Canada Citizenship?

There are many pathways through which you can become a Canadian Citizen. The first step in each case would be to get permanent resident status. Next, you need to fulfill the eligibility requirement for getting Canadian Citizenship. You must have lived here for at least 3 years out of the last 5 years, paid all required taxes, pass the required language and citizenship test. If you would like to become a Canadian Citizen, get in touch with us to discuss the various options available for you.

How much is the Canada Citizenship application fee?

The fee to apply for Canadian Citizenship is different for adults and minors. The fee for an adult is CAD $630 which includes a processing fee of $530 and a
right of citizenship fee of $100. Minors must pay only the processing fee, which is $100.

Adult (18 and above)
Processing fee ($530) and right of citizenship fee($100)
Stateless adult (18 and above) born to a Canadian parent
Right of citizenship fee ($100)
Minor (below 18)
Processing fee ($100)

Can I apply for Canadian Citizenship after 2 years of being a Permanent Resident (PR)?

Canadian Citizenship has residency obligation as one of its eligibility requirements. Basis the physical presence calculator, you must be physically present in Canada for 3 years (1095 days) in the last 5 years. Out of these 3 years, you must have been a permanent resident for at least 2 years. Each day spent in Canada as a temporary resident or protected person counts for a maximum of 1 year only (365 days). Thus, if you have 2 years of status in Canada as a valid temporary resident and 2 years as a permanent resident, you can apply for Canadian Citizenship after 2 years as a PR.

Does Canada permit dual Citizenship?

Canada allows its citizens to hold dual Citizenship, which means you can retain your former nationality even after getting your Canadian Citizenship. You will not lose your Canadian Citizenship even if you acquire the Citizenship of another country. However, there are tax implications involved, and also, you will need to abide by the laws of both countries. Thus, it is imperative to understand the impact before holding dual citizenship. You also need to cross-check whether the other country permits dual Citizenship or not.

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