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Last update 5 June, 2022

At Sun CAN Immigration Services Inc, we are committed to keeping the information of our clients safe and protecting their privacy.  You may share your personal information with us to consult, fill out your application, or apply on your behalf. In addition, if you initiate any communication with our company through assessment forms, questionnaires, emails, phone, fax, or any other means, we require you to share your personal information with us to assess your profile. You may also share your resume and other personal documents to evaluate your profile. By sharing such information, you provide us with your consent to communicate and reply to you. In response to this,  we may follow up with you regarding your query on Canadian immigration unless you unsubscribe or give us a request to no longer receive emails.

We do not sell, lease or distribute your personal information with any unauthorized third party without your consent or unless required by law. We ensure that utmost precaution and industry-standard measures are used to collect or disclose client information in physical or technological form.

The client information is securely stored in hard copy and/or electronically on password-protected and anti-virus enabled secure computers. We reserve the right to update, modify or add conditions to our privacy policy. The updated privacy policy will be available on our website